New blog

I've started to migrate my blog to a new one. Please direct yourselves to chuckboy.com from now on.

thanks for reading!


oh snap.

I guess it's out in the open!


Dunny 2010

Well, had to do my yearly duties and pick up a few blind boxes for the new Dunny series. Not a bad grouping of artists- missing one though. Heh heh heh. (What? I'm allowed to vent.) My good friend, Sket-One has a few really good Dunnies this series. The Dok-A steam punk inspired design was also interesting. The chases are a pretty interesting set, but not something i'm gonna scour ebay for. Either way, it's not bad. Have fun or customize them.

What did you think I was gonna do with the ones I don't keep?!



new site coming soon

OK, new site coming soon. this will be what? my 5th attempt? heh!


Icanhas Mekaneko?

Ok, this is pretty awesome. I admit I got into this figure late but the ARTOYZ exclusive version of the Mekaneko sports some very techno looking design patterns on its body. If you're familiar with some of my customs, you can see why I love this. It arrived today in an awesome box. Seriously, the packaging is great. It came with a booklet that featured artwork from Matteo de Longis and an awesome sticker sheet. I might have to order a second one for the hell of it.


Oh yeah... forgot...

Hey everyone. I forgot to show this custom toy. This was Steve Talkowski's Sketchbot that I modified and painted for MyPlasticHeart's show from last month. I had a great time working with this wonderful piece. Hope you like it.



Huh. LOOKS an awwwwwfffuuuullll lot like someone's lion dunny. Similar colors, similar steak accessory and composition but the EYES! It's VERY similar. I've been told that the base figure is from Disney's Vinylmation line. I love Disney but woah. Someone pointed out that this might be a custom figure, so I'm not sure. I'll have to look into this...

UPDATE: It was a custom. Was ready to break out the lawyers... and storm Cinderella's Castle.