A night of firsts for me...

Image from Grownkidz.blogspot.com

Sorry for the late entry about this. I've been bogged down by deadlines and other stuff.

I attended Kidrobot's Meet the Artists party on Friday night, 2/6/09 after NYCC along with heavy hitters, Huck Gee, Sket-One, MadL, Shane Jessup, Pon and other Kidrobot rockstars. It was super crowded and the line just wrapped around the block. I had my first Kidrobot video interview with Maze, who was really cool. I was surprised he knew about the Sharky I did for Toyqube's 4th Anniversary show. Shane Jessup was really great- I have to admit I was rather nervous about the whole thing but he gave me some awesome advice.

So with guys like Huck and Shane signing, I just hung around with a beer and chatting with a few people. Nicole, aka the Toy Baroness suddenly asks "Hey do you want to sign?!"

The rest is history and a blur. My first few sketches/autographs looked like crap because I was so rushed, but the later ones were better. It's a new experience for me so eventually it'll get better.

I'll sign again. Soon, hopefully.

NYCC 2009

NYCC 2009... it felt very much like 2008. Though, this time I got through to Peter Laird and got him to sign my sketch book. Lair is one of the co-creators of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Last year I kind of flaked out and didn't ask him to sign anything but I was not letting him get away this time. I went loaded with cash on the intent of buying prints or finding some cool thing to buy but I didn't see much. I did end up getting a Dustin Nyugen print of Batman and various characters from the caped-crusader's series. He had a great one of the Avengers but the Batman print was much better.

There was a great Mark Brooks print of Iron Man that I forgot to buy. Hopefully my minions can get it for me over the weekend...