Crystyled in the UK!

The UK Dunny series was released with much fanfare at the London Selfridges department store. They had many Dunnies on display, but my friends pointed one out to me!

Crystalised Chuckboy Reindeer
Photo by Teese

Crystal Paindeer
Photo by ToyBaroness

I'm told that a Natalie of crystyled.com did the handiwork.


Is that a Dunny in your pocket?

Reindeer Dunny @ Coco de Mer
Photo by Shakey

My good friends over in the UK, Shakey and Teese, showed me this dirty pic. Heheheheheheh. This was in front of Coco de Mer, an upscale sex shop in Covent Garden, London. Shame I can't get my hands on that naughty mannequin in the display window for me to play with.

What? You know what I'm talking about.

More Pics:
Reindeer Dunny goes to visit his fav girl!
Coco De Mer Window Display



My very first batch of stickers were delivered today. Came out a little darker than I expected but it's not too bad. Ah well...

Yes, that is a real working barcode, but I forgot what it reads.



Well, my black Macbook hard drive failed. Classic failure- rainbow wheel, complete freeze, never started up normally again- then strange clicking from my hd. In the near 20 years of computing experience I have never had a hd failure. I am still reeling from disbelief.

Whatever. I still have Applecare and my backup is still intact.

Still... FUCK!

UPDATE: 01/09/09- Got a new hard drive put in. Everything works and my data was restored from my backup. You all get to live another day.


Not bad, not bad at all...

I found this Russian/Australian artist named Dmitry Sergeev on deviant art. I really like some of his work. He has a great sense of anatomy and balance. Love his colors too. Hope to see more. Oh, here's his deviant site: dmitrys.deviantart.com



2008 was the year of Chuckboy. What about 2009?

Keep watching!