New website coming.

Hey all. I'm rebuilding my official site. Finally got around to doing it.


All jokes aside, there will be a better blog, images of my work, possibly a store, who knows?

Stay tuned and I hope you like it.



Hi all! I haven't been blogging because I've been rather busy and caught up with a few things. Oh, who am I kidding. I'm just lazy! I will be loading up a full website soon and I will be showing more custom work. Pinky swear promise, cross my heart and hope to sigh.



I hate summer.

I've been kind of pissed off, burned out and stressed out. Humidity is a real pain in the ass when it comes to painting cars, models or custom designer toys. I painted a custom FULCRAIM a few months back and I checked the humidity, careful to make sure it dries in a dry environment. Still, somehow months later, it still manages to FUCK UP and piss me off. It appears that the clear coat started to stick to each other, despite having been properly dried and finished. I don't know anymore. I've noticed that this doesn't happen when I use a flat clear coat, but very frequent when I use a glossy coat.

I think I will just not paint in the summer season anymore.




Dinner is served, sir...

Found this on Flickr... Most clever, indeed!
THANKS, ecpica!!!


I'm Gorgeous!

Gorgeous New York is an online magazine that focuses on putting various talented individuals into the spot light. I was part of their first batch of candidates. Please feel free to check them out!

There's a better version of the vid on their site.

Note: The toy that appears at the end of the video is a custom DCTO I did for a show back in Dec 2008. The original toy was designed by my good friend, Dacosta!.



With the released pic of the ENDANGERED! Dunny series that's coming soon, I've been seeing on the web a lot of people excited about my Lion Dunny. I'm super thankful and excited that there's an interest in my work. I hope after it's released it'll even get more attention.

Thanks, everyone.




I'm glad Kidrobot finally announced this. I've been waiting for a long time to post this. It kind of blew my mind to be part of a series with Touma, Shane Jessup, Kozik, Sket One and some of the other great artists here. Check it out soon! It's gonna be great, I'm not lying!

Dunny Endangered!
Animal instincts are sharper than ever in our first-ever hyper series, Dunny Endangered! Featuring 15 designs (and 2 chases) by 13 incredible artists, this rare line-up of vinyl arrives May 21. Blind boxed and $8.95 each.

Artists with Dunnys in the series include, Touma, Amanda Visell, Aya Kakeda, Elizabeth Berdann, Chuckboy, Frank Kozik, Jeremyville, Joe Ledbetter, Kronk, Michelle Valigura, Mr. Shane Jessup, Sket One, Tad Carpenter and Triclops Studio.

Looks like the secret's out:

pics from: Kidrobot Forums


I watched the WATCHMEN.

So with much excitement, I watched the WATCHMEN on Friday, March 6th, with a friend at a near by IMAX theatre. I admit I never fully read the original graphic novel or comics. I won't deny that my interest in the WATCHMEN was from the film's first trailer I saw just before The DARK KNIGHT. I have to say that I like the movie's look more than the graphic novel's. Some hardcore fans like Adam Hughes might disagree, but if you take it for what it is, they look great! I was really excited about Nite Owl II's more modern costume and of course who didn't like Silk Spectre II's black and yellow latex costume?! From what I did read about the graphic novel, I found the movie surprisingly close. I was hoping to see the giant alien monster from the comics, but was not surprised when they changed it to a more plausible type of attack.

I swear men can be such goddam fucking homophobes. WHO CARES if you can see DR. MANHATTAN'S GENITALS?! WAH WAH WAH "I SAW HIS DICK" is all I heard when I was walking out. WHO CARES?! He was drawn that way in the comic. I like to think that he was modeled after Greek/Renaissance sculptures. I can see their genitals. AND SO WHAT? If you were BLASTED BEYOLD normal reality, and you start becoming less and less human, wouldn't you not give a shit about clothes? FUCKING RETARDED MEATHEAD HOMOPHOBES, ALL OF YOU. FUCK YOU.

I liked WATCHMEN. I think I might see it again. It was certainly inspiring- I want to be a superhero. Maybe not. Ah well...

Though, I was glad she kept the boots on... >:)


A night of firsts for me...

Image from Grownkidz.blogspot.com

Sorry for the late entry about this. I've been bogged down by deadlines and other stuff.

I attended Kidrobot's Meet the Artists party on Friday night, 2/6/09 after NYCC along with heavy hitters, Huck Gee, Sket-One, MadL, Shane Jessup, Pon and other Kidrobot rockstars. It was super crowded and the line just wrapped around the block. I had my first Kidrobot video interview with Maze, who was really cool. I was surprised he knew about the Sharky I did for Toyqube's 4th Anniversary show. Shane Jessup was really great- I have to admit I was rather nervous about the whole thing but he gave me some awesome advice.

So with guys like Huck and Shane signing, I just hung around with a beer and chatting with a few people. Nicole, aka the Toy Baroness suddenly asks "Hey do you want to sign?!"

The rest is history and a blur. My first few sketches/autographs looked like crap because I was so rushed, but the later ones were better. It's a new experience for me so eventually it'll get better.

I'll sign again. Soon, hopefully.

NYCC 2009

NYCC 2009... it felt very much like 2008. Though, this time I got through to Peter Laird and got him to sign my sketch book. Lair is one of the co-creators of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Last year I kind of flaked out and didn't ask him to sign anything but I was not letting him get away this time. I went loaded with cash on the intent of buying prints or finding some cool thing to buy but I didn't see much. I did end up getting a Dustin Nyugen print of Batman and various characters from the caped-crusader's series. He had a great one of the Avengers but the Batman print was much better.

There was a great Mark Brooks print of Iron Man that I forgot to buy. Hopefully my minions can get it for me over the weekend...


Crystyled in the UK!

The UK Dunny series was released with much fanfare at the London Selfridges department store. They had many Dunnies on display, but my friends pointed one out to me!

Crystalised Chuckboy Reindeer
Photo by Teese

Crystal Paindeer
Photo by ToyBaroness

I'm told that a Natalie of crystyled.com did the handiwork.


Is that a Dunny in your pocket?

Reindeer Dunny @ Coco de Mer
Photo by Shakey

My good friends over in the UK, Shakey and Teese, showed me this dirty pic. Heheheheheheh. This was in front of Coco de Mer, an upscale sex shop in Covent Garden, London. Shame I can't get my hands on that naughty mannequin in the display window for me to play with.

What? You know what I'm talking about.

More Pics:
Reindeer Dunny goes to visit his fav girl!
Coco De Mer Window Display



My very first batch of stickers were delivered today. Came out a little darker than I expected but it's not too bad. Ah well...

Yes, that is a real working barcode, but I forgot what it reads.



Well, my black Macbook hard drive failed. Classic failure- rainbow wheel, complete freeze, never started up normally again- then strange clicking from my hd. In the near 20 years of computing experience I have never had a hd failure. I am still reeling from disbelief.

Whatever. I still have Applecare and my backup is still intact.

Still... FUCK!

UPDATE: 01/09/09- Got a new hard drive put in. Everything works and my data was restored from my backup. You all get to live another day.


Not bad, not bad at all...

I found this Russian/Australian artist named Dmitry Sergeev on deviant art. I really like some of his work. He has a great sense of anatomy and balance. Love his colors too. Hope to see more. Oh, here's his deviant site: dmitrys.deviantart.com



2008 was the year of Chuckboy. What about 2009?

Keep watching!