Reindeer Games from Kidrobot on Vimeo.

This was a surprise! I'm shocked!


Marvel at this!

Now, THIS is something to MARVEL at! (Get it, Marvel- What? Don't look at me like that!)

A little while ago, DC-Direct released their Anime-Comi line of DC Universe characters redrawn and sculpted in a manga/anime style. I scoffed at the idea because I like to keep my worlds separate, however I did see the potential. I thought the Anime-Comi was utter CRAP. I bought two figures and HAAATTTEEEEDDDD the sculpts. The faces were awful. It reminded me of those cartoons produced here in the states that tried very very very hard to look like an anime from Japan.

Then I saw this. Rogue- Hot. Designed by famed character designer, Shunya Yamashita- Hot. Sculpted by Koei Matsumoto and produced by Kotobukiya- Hot. I'm so buying this. I'm so buying 3.

See that DC-Direct? Let the PROS do this right.

Not bad.


Nice customization by Sasha Zero. Thanks!


Naughty Holidays!

So, it's been a little over a week and I'm extremely happy with the release of my Reindeer Dunny. It's a real surreal moment for me as I remember it beginning as an idea while walking down West Broadway to an Adobe Illustrator graphic to final product. Although I've collected 3" Dunnies before, I cannot get past how small the details and accessories are.

My only disappointment is that we couldn't keep the red nose. I originally designed the chases with red noses. Admittedly, I was inspired by the 1960's holiday claymation TV special and I made sure it did not look EXACTLY like a certain famous red-nosed reindeer. Technically speaking, the Dunny, being a caricature of a bunny rabbit, adding antlers would make it more like a jack-a-lope, rather than a reindeer. Either way, I'm glad it was still made and it turned out rather well.

I realize my designs can't appeal to everyone, but I am thrilled to know that most liked it and purchased several for themselves and their friends and family. To those people, thank you.

Happy Holidays, everyone. I hope you're all VERY NAUGHTY!


Reindeer Dunny Spotted in the wild?!

Woah! Am I crazy or has my Reindeer Dunny already been spotted in the wild?! My friend pointed this out to me. This photo showed up in a Taiwanese toy/lifestyle blog. Either way, it's kind of neat to see this sort of thing.

Speaking of Dunnies, I tried to buy Huck Gee's "Hello, I'm Insane" Dunny but it sold out in seconds on the website. I dashed over to KRNY to see a line and 15 minutes later, find out that they were sold out too. 

I wish my Dunny sold out as fast. >:)


Finally announced!

Reindeer Dunny 3-Inch
On November 20, Chuckboy’s 3-inch, doe-eyed deviant rewards nice kids with his removable bull whip and vinyl antlers, and naughty ones with two badass chases. Blind boxed and $9.95 each.

I am happy to finally announce my collaboration with Kidrobot on this year's Holiday Dunny! This is also my first production toy!


Its almost here...

Soon, you will see... Soon...


Custom Sharky for sale at ToyQube

Hey all. I forgot to mention that you can buy my custom Sharky at ToyQube's website:

Check it out! Buy it! I really could use the cash to buy more pornogra- I mean art supplies.



I thought this ad was rather clever and I was quite impressed.


GUNDAM! 行きます!

For many years I've thought about making my own beam saber from various GUNDAM series, but now I don't have to!

Officially named HY2M Air Shock Battle, this 1/12 scale prop/toy was designed to go with the previously released 1/12 scale RX-78-2. It features lights and sounds, very much like the Force FX Lightsabers from Master Replicas. (No LED Blade though...)

Bandai will release this awesome piece of Gundam merchandise in September for 4980 Yen. I'm so there!


Something is coming...

It's a big secret that's almost a year in the making. Some know about it, many, many, many don't.

Dying to talk, but you'll see for yourselves!

Keep an eye out for some big news.


Drop out.

I officially dropped out of the Coalesce Show days before its opening. I wasn't 100% satisfied with the way my Yoka Bear turned out. I felt that I would rather have nothing than show something i'm not happy with. Ah well...


Back to the 2D Game.

When my XBOX 360 Red Ringed, I sent it in for repair. In it's absence, I purchased a Sony Playstation 3. I spent a bit of time with the PS3 and when the 360 was finally repaired and returned to me, it quite literally was like:

"Hey... Listen... while you were gone, I kinda met someone else. Yeah, we've been having a good time. She's from Japan and all..."

I mean, sure I played with Rockband on the 360 again, but I went back to Grand Theft Auto 4 and Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PS3. I started to not play with the 360 as much. I began to wonder what I was going to play on the 360.

Thank goodness for The Behemoth's CASTLE CRASHERS. I was a huge fan of their previous release, Alien Hominid. For months I've read up on this new side-scrolling beat-em-up, but forgot to check up on the Xbox Live new releases. My good friend, Jon reminded me about it. I downloaded the demo first, but I was sold after five minutes. Jon and I ended up playing multiplayer for a few hours. This game KICKS ASS! I love the character designs and Behemoth's warped humor.

So you can THANK Behemoth for getting me back on the Xbox!

Oh yeah, I heard they were releasing figures of the knight characters!!! LOVE IT!


White before Labor Day.

I wasn't a huge fan of the Reach Bear toys recently released by Kidrobot, but after reading Paul's interview with Taiwanese Graffiti Artist, Reach on his blog, I saw a special link to Kidrobot's online store for a special glossy white version. Looking at the pics, I thought, "Hey, this isn't too bad!" So, I ordered one. It arrived a few days ago. It does look very well made and the glossy white certainly sticks out. It's also super limited- only 100 made. WOW! I feel special! Now I kind of want to buy another Reach Bear to customize... 


There's something in the water!!!

I was asked to participate in ToyQube's Custom Sharky Show and I was happy to contribute. I was given one of Keith Poon's signature characters to paint and customize. I decided to keep it simple and give it a techno look.

Check out the other pics on flickr!


Missed out again.

Looks like I missed out on another piece of great vinyl toy. Its called a FULCRAIM, designed by Kaijin. I've seen it on various toy blogs, notably, Vinylpulse and didn't think too much of it. A recent trip to MyPlasticHeart here in NYC completely changed my mind. I saw a few of them on display and the candy-apple-red version really caught my attention. What blew my mind was the fact that it said "Made in Japan" on the back of head. Oh, how I've longed to see that on the back of  a toy for so long! It has various translucent parts, very much like the kaiju vinyl toys. The little figure inside the helmet reminds me of a daruma.

Update: I kinda went Fulcraim crazy and picked up a few of them from various sources. I even have one to customize!


Super Summer

I love summer movies! This summer has been a great movie season! Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Hellboy II, Wall-E, Wanted, Get Smart, Kung-Fu Panda, and of course, THE DARK KNIGHT!!! I thought it was a great season for comic book fans, especially with The Dark Knight. I need to see this again my local IMAX theatre, because as great as it was on a normal screen, I can only imagine what those specially-shot-with-an-IMAX-camera-action-scenes would be like on a full blown IMAX screen. 

I can't help but feel sad after I watched this movie. Not because it was Heath Ledger's last great performance or that it was a grim movie, (though, I thought when a computer said "good-bye", I felt sad...) but rather, I wanted to see MORE! Yes, I know I'm selfish in that aspect, but really, come on. You want to see more too!

In terms of comic book inspired movies this summer, this has been a saturated season. I'd say The Dark Knight tops my list. I loved Iron Man, but I thought Batman was just better. The Incredible Hulk rekindled my faith in a film for that character. Hellboy II and Wanted were all right, but shit compared to The Dark Knight or Iron Man.

1) The Dark Knight
2) Iron Man
3) The Incredible Hulk
4) Hellboy II
5) Wanted

BTW, I've got BATMAN fever... designing my version of Batman as we speak!


Bag Raiders Super Sentai

This was a pretty neat clip, but I found out that the footage came from a sentai-like show down in Australia called Rescue Force. Who knew?! The stunts seem like they are from the same people who have worked on similar tokusatsu shows. Check it out!



Give me your KEYS.

Ok, so 2gb USB drives are nothing special or new, but when I saw these KIKKERLAND Loop Memory Keys, over at the GIANT ROBOT Gallery Store, I HAD to have it. A very simple design by Richard Hutten, these "Memory Keys" come in four different colours, each includes a lanyard to hang the key around your neck. My favourite is orange, but the white was nice too. Ohoo! Imagine mixing the caps! 


FOXY Lady.

Yeah, yeah she wasn't the main character but it was enough to get me out of the house and watch WANTED. (Besides, who wants to see pics of DUDES?) Go see it. Overall it was pretty good. Its not a perfect movie, but it has some really, really great moments- moments that make you say "FUCK YEAAHHHHHH!"

I Nida few good soldiers.

From Shuraki, a multimedia figure series created from the collaboration of Red Entertainment and Good Smile Company, this PVC figure of German-born Nida Schuetlich comes in her soldier uniform and carries a long sniper rifle with a bayonet attached to its barrel for melee combat. Parts of her sniper rifle can be detached to form a shorter weapon. She also has a blade, which can be placed in her right hand or stored in its sheath. Sculpted by Shunji Hagii, and based on illustrations by Shunya Yamashita, Nida measures 21cm tall, and comes packed with an interchangeable battle-damaged outfit and a pair of extra arms, plus a custom diorama display base.

Oh, how I love a woman in uniform!


Phantom Menance

From Kidrobot comes Touma's 20" SDCC exclusive Dunny. I love Touma's Knuckle Bears, but I never truly liked his Dunny Series 3 design. Although this looks similar, I thought the tribal patterns were tastefully done. I was rather pleased with the non-traditional Touma "grin". This one fits the Dunny shape and design better. Shame I won't be attending SDCC.


That's Mine!

I recently purchased this book, Mine bluE: Yoshizaki Mine Works. It was printed back in 2004, but I never really got around to buying it until now. I am a huge fan of this Japanese illustrator's character designs and manga, Keroro Gunsou. (ケロロ軍曹)

Its FILLED with over 1000 illustrations and comes loaded with extras such as a dust cover box and a cardboard stand of the character from the cover. It's pretty neat!



I saw the Speed Racer (Mahha GoGoGo) movie at the IMAX theater on Saturday. The screen was HUUGGEEEE! I felt it was most appropriate because of the imagery of the film. I thought it was done rather well. Christina Ricci was great as Trixie (Michi Shimura). She was built for live-anime. I was rather impressed with actor Scott Porter, whom they cast for Rex Racer (Kenichi Mifune). He looks exactly like Racer X (Fukumen Racer) from the original anime when he removed his mask for the first and only time in the episode, "The Trick Race". Strangely, Matthew Fox in his Racer X costume looks more like the animated Racer X. Funny how these things work out. I loved the design of the Mach 6, even though it never existed in the anime.


I will provide you with a new body and new troops to command.

AND NOTHING! You belong to me now.

This is a primed 3" Dunny head on a salvaged 7" Munny body with a scratch-build neck joint. I'm not 100% sure what this will look like when painted, but I have already dremeled some "wear" and "damage" spots on the arms and body to give it a worn look.

Back in NYC... gotta make the doughnuts.

Well, flew back to NYC yesterday morning. Got stuck in JFK's Air Train and got stuck in traffic going home. GOTTA LOVE NY, eh?



I'm in Florida at the moment. I've gotten real nostalgic for Disney. I'm going to try to touch the magic at MAGIC KINGDOM and the newly renamed MGM-Studios, DISNEY HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS. >:)


Plastic Surgery.

I made a new tail for my Ulligus with 1mm brass rod and a 6mm air-soft pellet. The rod was slightly bent using a tube bender to keep the curve smooth and natural. The picture shows a test fit of the unpainted tail.


SUG's best friend.

I loved UNKL's SUG when it was released in 2005. I didn't really care much for some of the re-paints, but when I visited the newly-reconstructed Kidrobot store in Soho, I saw the orange Search and Rescue SUG and Ulligus. There is also a super limited Urban Recovery version in yellow, however I am a bit more partial to the orange version. I actually saw the Ulligus by itself first and I immediately recognized the UNKL design style and thought it matched the SUG. I immediately purchased the Ulligus, but I thought it would look out of place without the Search and Rescue version of the SUG to match. (My SUG is black and grey.) So, I caved and purchased the hulking figure. I thought it was worth it, however. Better than spending $700 dollars on an Iron Man bust from Side Show.

Update: Looks like I'm a year off! A friend of mine just told me and I also read on various sites that this was released at last year's SDCC. Oh well. My Ulligus has a broken and missing tail. I didn't even KNOW there was a tail- most of the UNKL pics don't show the tail. If it wasn't for the illustrations on the box and some sites, I wouldn't have known. Ah well... Worst case scenario I make a new tail from scratch. Easy.



I saw IRON MAN today with a few friends. Gizmodo called it a 120 minutes of gadget porn and there's nothing wrong with that- frankly, I agree. I was very happy with the movie and was rather impressed with the fact that famed Japanese custom motorcycle company, ZERO ENGINEERING had several bikes that appeared in Tony Stark's garage. Along with the Zero Engineering bikes were two cars I recently fell in love with, the Audi R8 and the all-electric Tesla Roadster. I need a studio like that- supercomputers with holographic displays, awesome cars, robots, wide screen TVs, A.I. systems and a fabrication line... yeah I could live in a place like that, you'd never see me. I liked how the movie dropped little hints and clues towards a future Avengers movie and nods to the film's comic origins.

I thought Robert Downey Jr. was great as Tony Stark as well as Gwyneth Paltrow's (I thought she looked pretty dammed hot.) portrayal of Pepper Potts, Tony's assistant. I was so taken by the cast that I've decided to not shave for a week to see if I can pull off the whole Tony Stark, rebel-genius-look.

I LOVED the SUIT. I briefly toyed with the idea of buying Side Show's Life-Sized bust of the super hero, but at $700 dollars, I decided that it wasn't worth it. The back gets cut off abruptly and that kind of turned me off and it didn't show the whole chest. If it was the shoulders, full chest (with glowing arc-reactor) and back, THEN I'd buy it, but modify it so that it would look like it was being worked on in the lab, with various cables and wires connected to it for diagnostics and adjustments. CRAP. Now I want to buy it again and MAKE the full chest and back. Ah, I can dream, can't I? Speaking of dreams, the stewardess scenes were some of my favorite. A guy can dream, can't he? ONE DAY!

I missed the scene after the credits, but a friend told me what happened. I can't wait for the sequels!



Famed Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami's psychedelic pop anime-inspired works are on display at the Brooklyn Museum. I've seen his works for many years in various Japanese magazines, but I am very happy to have finally seen them in person, especially Second Mission Project Ko2 (SMP Ko2), a three-part sculptural installation that depicts a life-sized adolescent android girl running at full speed, transforming, and taking off as an futuristic jet fighter.

I was rather disappointed that the museum said NO PHOTOGRAPHY, but fuck the museum police, I still fired off a few shots. (see Miss Ko2

I bought the catalogue book and my friend purchased the SUPER FLAT (スーパーフラット)book for me as a late birthday present. They're both pretty awesome and they'll add to my Murakami collection.

I had a good time. I wish there was more to see.


New York ComicCon 2008.

I usually don't go to comic conventions, but this time I had a few friends there so I decided to check out the New York ComicCon. It's a little different from STAR TREK conventions, but either way, it's NERD CENTRAL- and I'm glad to be there. I saw a lot of great stuff. I was very excited to see large scale versions (about 12" or so) of NECA's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Many of you may remember the toys are based on their comic book incarnations. I really hope they put these out soon. Speaking of TMNT, I saw famed co-creator and now sole owner of the franchise, Peter Laird. Fifteen years ago, I'd probably freak out and ask him to sign this and that, but now that I'm much older, I was perfectly content to watch him draw and sign autographs, knowing I got to see a creator of my childhood icons. However, I'm fucking stupid for not asking him to sign some toys or a print. Goddammit! At the time, I was ok but I regretted it on the train ride home. 

Another highlight was seeing DCTO creator, Dacosta Bayley, a good friend and mentor of mine. He was releasing a new print as well as displaying the upcoming mini-DCTOs over at the ToyQube booth. Exciting! I tend to not favor American Cosplayers, but there were a few good ones. Emma Frost, you stole my heart! (at least, I thought you were emma frost...) You too, girl-green-lantern-in-spandex... Anyway, I spent way too much money on prints, especially the two I bought from Bill Tucci, (who signed them) but they were well worth it. I WISH I could've seen Adam Hughes there and signed up for some original sketch art or whatever, but he's like crazy busy. He'll be at San Diego ComicCon, but I doubt I'll go to that one.

It was crowded, even for 4pm on a Saturday and I got lost very easily on the dealer floor, but eventually I figured out what was where. It could've been worse. 

Oh, by the way...



That's so 80's!

Who DIDN'T like Elvira back in the 80's?!?!?! Ok, so I was a kid back then, but I never forgot her. I saw a mention of this new polystone statue/figure of the sexy horror icon from Side Show Collectibles and when I checked it out, I realized that I had to have it. I missed out on the Side Show Exclusive version- it includes a skull-candle stand. I'm not too sad because it looks pretty bland and I can pretty much make it from scratch. So, whatever. I normally don't like polystone- it reminds me too much of the badly mass-produced comic figures of the 90's I saw in comic book shops, but for the Mistress of the Dark, I'll do anything.

By the way... it's my birthday. (hint, hint...)



Not sure what's going on here... missing a few images all of a sudden. Hang on.


Update: OK. Came back. Damm straight. >:O



Sure it looks blocky and clunky in a time when most bluetooth headsets are the size of a paperclip. But if it looks like this? I'm sooo there! It's designed to be used with the Playstation 3 for voice chat in games such as Metal Gear Solid 4, but it can still be used with a standard mobile phone. I want this on my ear. I want two. 


Couple of the Year.

Now this really is the couple of the year. From the CG-Anime Movie, Appleseed Ex Machina these two posable figures from HOT TOYS look amazingly detailed and come with a variety of accessories/weapons. I didn't realize that Briareos would be so much bigger standing next to Deunan, but the scale is accurate, if not close. I can't wait to get this pair in my bedroom. Yeah, I said that.


スパイダーマン! 死のう!

Plex will be releasing their Marvel Deformation Figure Green Goblin & Spider-Man this summer and they will be soft vinyl! I don't care much for Green Goblin, but Spider-Man looks cute for a superhero!


Où est les baguettes?

Well, I caved and bought two cases and a few extra blind boxes of Kidrobot's new French Dunny Series. I'm not a huge fan of all of the designs, but I like many of them. I was rather fond of SecretLab, Superdeux and Genevieve Gauckler's designs the most, however I was intrigued by Koa's clear-green Dunny and I was also impressed with Tizieu's afro-inspired design because it was different and new. I liked Mist's Dunny from this series, but I was surprised to see that it was EXACTLY the same, sans color, as his 20" release a few months earlier. Ah well, a dunny is a dunny- C'est la vie, eh? Hohohohohoh!


Send in the Clones.

What is Medicom doing to me?!?! I was not thrilled about the Real Action Hero Stormtrooper, but I LOVED the Clone Trooper figure from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. I've always liked the original Clone Troopers from Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Finally, I get to place one on my shelf when Medicom releases the "symbol of the Grand Army of the Republic" in July, 2008.


Finally an anime character released as a "Real Action Hero" by Medicom that I really want. Medicom often releases anime characters but many of them don't look quite as good as their animated counterparts. However, looking over this one, I am happy to say that I am very impressed! Sculpted in the style of Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society, Motoko Kusanagi comes decked out in full, skin-tight bodysuit with a variety of accessories. I cannot wait for this one to be released. It goes for about 17,640 Yen. Yes, expensive but I MUST have it.


Was a little bored and found this!

Woah! Surprise surprise! Thanks Sketchguy!

Moneygrip Opening Night
Originally uploaded by sketchguy 

Logic Moneygrip available at MPH.

MyPlasticHeart's site has been updated for the moneygrips from the show. You can check it out and if you're interested you can buy it! check it out here:


Oh yeah, forgot to show you this.

Oh, so here's a pic of the Moneygrip I painted for the GET A GRIP! show. This should be available on their website soon. myplasticheart.com

Thanks to Victoria L for the pic. (more pics later)

Can I take your pic, baby?

Looks like pics from the GET A GRIP! show are up. Check out myplasticheartnyc.com 

The shots were great, thanks to Vincent of MyPlasticHeart. I look awful though...


Thanks Everyone!

The show was fun. I just want to say thanks to everyone who came and checked out my work. It was a close call but I made it and I was very happy to hear that a lot of people liked it. Special thanks go out to MYPLASTICHEART for inviting me to this show. 


FINALLY! FIXED! I pretty much crammed 2 weeks of work in to 12 hours. I just have to drop it off with the guys at myplasticheart. TIRED!



Well, I just plain FUCKED UP. I pretty much had my moneygrip PERFECT and it LOOKED GREAT. I proceeded to continue as planned, to coat it with clear orange and it completely turned out 100% wrong. The colors were all wrong- silver turned into gold, not orange and dark grey turned into chocolate brown. I initially thought, fuck it and decided to bring it in, but when I took it out of the box at the office I couldn't get over how bad it looked to me. I decided to take it home and deliver it on the day of the show, TOMORROW MORNING, and fix it ASAP. I tried to sand off the clear orange in hopes of having the original silver and grey. I knew there were risks and I would have to touch up some of the flaws but sanding was not working. FUCK IT. FUCK IT. FUCK IT. I emptied a gallon of acetone and dunked the moneygrip in it to take the paint off. Yeah, I basically flushed two weeks of layout and work down the toilet in five minutes.

I'm repainting it right now. ZERO HOUR.


5AM, Mixing Paint and Loosing my Grip.

Ok, so I missed my personal deadline to get the MONEYGRIP finished by Jan 20th. It's the 23rd and the show is on the 25th. I need to put on a clear coat (mixing it right now) and I should be done, but I am TIRED. I still have to go to work tomorrow, no TODAY! I should be finished in time for the show. I wish I had more time, but I came into the game late so this is the price I pay.


TAG! You're IT!

Well I picked up my Tag Team 8-Inch Dunny (black ver.) today at Kidrobot. I went to check them out last night after work but the crowd was absolutely insane. I caught a glimpse of the "Father of the Dunny", Tristan Eaton. He was signing autographs and having his picture taken. 

The Dunny is pretty neat. It comes with a gas mask and spray paint pole. It also comes with a matching 3-inch Fatcap! Now, I don't care much for Fatcaps, but considering the nature of this dunny's design, I thought it was an appropriate companion.


Search your feelings...

Sure, this vinyl toy is playing on my memories of Darth Vader, accusing me of being part of a rebel alliance and I need to be taken away, but it's DAMMED COOL!  This is similar to the smaller Darth Vader Vinyl Collection Dolls (VCD) released earlier by Medicom, but it is nearly DOUBLE the original's size at 16 inches! It's $199.99, but it's so worth getting seduced by the dark side.


I need some Air.

I don't need to say anything.

Jess gotta phone home.

Today I met Mr. Shane Jessup at work. When I encountered him, I thought he looked familiar, but I couldn't place him. I asked him his name and he said, "Shane Jessup." At that moment, I said "Hi! How have you been?" as if he and I knew each other. We, of course, did not. I was a little embarrassed but I don't think he noticed my momentary lapse.

I kept it cool and didn't talk about Kidrobot or toys. Too bad. :/


Chasing Unicorns

I'm something of a GUNDAM fanatic. No, I AM a TOTAL GUNDAM FANATIC. I am thrilled that a new serial novel has been released and it will return to the Universal Century timeline. I just bought the Master Grade model kit of the main character's mobile suit, the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam. It's amazing! It can be posed in both the "unicorn" OR "destroy" mode! I flipped through the instruction manual and I can only imagine the sleepless nights the designers went through to get this thing transforming for us fanatics. 


I heard that a sequel to "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" was coming soon, but I never read anything about it or saw any images. Today I saw the trailer and....


Harold and Kumar 2: Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Boys and their toys.

Boy Toy Dolls- from the creator of the Real Doll, this is the designer-vinyl equivalent of the high-end, sex doll industry. Not because it's made with vinyl or anything silly like that- in fact, its made with super high-grade and expensive silicone. Rather, because it's made in limited numbers and being sold as an "art piece." MOST INTERESTING, INDEED! So can someone lend me like $7000? What? it's an ART PIECE. It says so on their site!

Btw... Miss December is my favourite so far.

(You might not want to look at these links at work...)


Get a GRIP!

Well, it's official! I will be customizing a toy called a MONEYGRIP, designed by kaNO for MYPLASTICHEART's designer toy show, GET A GRIP! I was a bit of a late entry, but I'll be there anyway! Check it out on Jan 25th, 2008! (show runs until Feb 20th)



Doesn't this cat look like it came straight out of Anime and Manga?!

Char's Hoodie

I'd love to buy this hoodie, but I think it's a tad TOO RED for my taste, though you have to admit, it's quite striking. But then again, that kid from E.T. had a red hoodie- sure, it was the 1980s and he was a little kid, but still!

Char Zip-Up Parka Red L