Famed Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami's psychedelic pop anime-inspired works are on display at the Brooklyn Museum. I've seen his works for many years in various Japanese magazines, but I am very happy to have finally seen them in person, especially Second Mission Project Ko2 (SMP Ko2), a three-part sculptural installation that depicts a life-sized adolescent android girl running at full speed, transforming, and taking off as an futuristic jet fighter.

I was rather disappointed that the museum said NO PHOTOGRAPHY, but fuck the museum police, I still fired off a few shots. (see Miss Ko2

I bought the catalogue book and my friend purchased the SUPER FLAT (スーパーフラット)book for me as a late birthday present. They're both pretty awesome and they'll add to my Murakami collection.

I had a good time. I wish there was more to see.

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