Super Summer

I love summer movies! This summer has been a great movie season! Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Hellboy II, Wall-E, Wanted, Get Smart, Kung-Fu Panda, and of course, THE DARK KNIGHT!!! I thought it was a great season for comic book fans, especially with The Dark Knight. I need to see this again my local IMAX theatre, because as great as it was on a normal screen, I can only imagine what those specially-shot-with-an-IMAX-camera-action-scenes would be like on a full blown IMAX screen. 

I can't help but feel sad after I watched this movie. Not because it was Heath Ledger's last great performance or that it was a grim movie, (though, I thought when a computer said "good-bye", I felt sad...) but rather, I wanted to see MORE! Yes, I know I'm selfish in that aspect, but really, come on. You want to see more too!

In terms of comic book inspired movies this summer, this has been a saturated season. I'd say The Dark Knight tops my list. I loved Iron Man, but I thought Batman was just better. The Incredible Hulk rekindled my faith in a film for that character. Hellboy II and Wanted were all right, but shit compared to The Dark Knight or Iron Man.

1) The Dark Knight
2) Iron Man
3) The Incredible Hulk
4) Hellboy II
5) Wanted

BTW, I've got BATMAN fever... designing my version of Batman as we speak!


Bag Raiders Super Sentai

This was a pretty neat clip, but I found out that the footage came from a sentai-like show down in Australia called Rescue Force. Who knew?! The stunts seem like they are from the same people who have worked on similar tokusatsu shows. Check it out!