I saw the Speed Racer (Mahha GoGoGo) movie at the IMAX theater on Saturday. The screen was HUUGGEEEE! I felt it was most appropriate because of the imagery of the film. I thought it was done rather well. Christina Ricci was great as Trixie (Michi Shimura). She was built for live-anime. I was rather impressed with actor Scott Porter, whom they cast for Rex Racer (Kenichi Mifune). He looks exactly like Racer X (Fukumen Racer) from the original anime when he removed his mask for the first and only time in the episode, "The Trick Race". Strangely, Matthew Fox in his Racer X costume looks more like the animated Racer X. Funny how these things work out. I loved the design of the Mach 6, even though it never existed in the anime.

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