SUG's best friend.

I loved UNKL's SUG when it was released in 2005. I didn't really care much for some of the re-paints, but when I visited the newly-reconstructed Kidrobot store in Soho, I saw the orange Search and Rescue SUG and Ulligus. There is also a super limited Urban Recovery version in yellow, however I am a bit more partial to the orange version. I actually saw the Ulligus by itself first and I immediately recognized the UNKL design style and thought it matched the SUG. I immediately purchased the Ulligus, but I thought it would look out of place without the Search and Rescue version of the SUG to match. (My SUG is black and grey.) So, I caved and purchased the hulking figure. I thought it was worth it, however. Better than spending $700 dollars on an Iron Man bust from Side Show.

Update: Looks like I'm a year off! A friend of mine just told me and I also read on various sites that this was released at last year's SDCC. Oh well. My Ulligus has a broken and missing tail. I didn't even KNOW there was a tail- most of the UNKL pics don't show the tail. If it wasn't for the illustrations on the box and some sites, I wouldn't have known. Ah well... Worst case scenario I make a new tail from scratch. Easy.

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