Missed out again.

Looks like I missed out on another piece of great vinyl toy. Its called a FULCRAIM, designed by Kaijin. I've seen it on various toy blogs, notably, Vinylpulse and didn't think too much of it. A recent trip to MyPlasticHeart here in NYC completely changed my mind. I saw a few of them on display and the candy-apple-red version really caught my attention. What blew my mind was the fact that it said "Made in Japan" on the back of head. Oh, how I've longed to see that on the back of  a toy for so long! It has various translucent parts, very much like the kaiju vinyl toys. The little figure inside the helmet reminds me of a daruma.

Update: I kinda went Fulcraim crazy and picked up a few of them from various sources. I even have one to customize!

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