Marvel at this!

Now, THIS is something to MARVEL at! (Get it, Marvel- What? Don't look at me like that!)

A little while ago, DC-Direct released their Anime-Comi line of DC Universe characters redrawn and sculpted in a manga/anime style. I scoffed at the idea because I like to keep my worlds separate, however I did see the potential. I thought the Anime-Comi was utter CRAP. I bought two figures and HAAATTTEEEEDDDD the sculpts. The faces were awful. It reminded me of those cartoons produced here in the states that tried very very very hard to look like an anime from Japan.

Then I saw this. Rogue- Hot. Designed by famed character designer, Shunya Yamashita- Hot. Sculpted by Koei Matsumoto and produced by Kotobukiya- Hot. I'm so buying this. I'm so buying 3.

See that DC-Direct? Let the PROS do this right.

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