I watched the WATCHMEN.

So with much excitement, I watched the WATCHMEN on Friday, March 6th, with a friend at a near by IMAX theatre. I admit I never fully read the original graphic novel or comics. I won't deny that my interest in the WATCHMEN was from the film's first trailer I saw just before The DARK KNIGHT. I have to say that I like the movie's look more than the graphic novel's. Some hardcore fans like Adam Hughes might disagree, but if you take it for what it is, they look great! I was really excited about Nite Owl II's more modern costume and of course who didn't like Silk Spectre II's black and yellow latex costume?! From what I did read about the graphic novel, I found the movie surprisingly close. I was hoping to see the giant alien monster from the comics, but was not surprised when they changed it to a more plausible type of attack.

I swear men can be such goddam fucking homophobes. WHO CARES if you can see DR. MANHATTAN'S GENITALS?! WAH WAH WAH "I SAW HIS DICK" is all I heard when I was walking out. WHO CARES?! He was drawn that way in the comic. I like to think that he was modeled after Greek/Renaissance sculptures. I can see their genitals. AND SO WHAT? If you were BLASTED BEYOLD normal reality, and you start becoming less and less human, wouldn't you not give a shit about clothes? FUCKING RETARDED MEATHEAD HOMOPHOBES, ALL OF YOU. FUCK YOU.

I liked WATCHMEN. I think I might see it again. It was certainly inspiring- I want to be a superhero. Maybe not. Ah well...

Though, I was glad she kept the boots on... >:)

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