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Woah! Surprise surprise! Thanks Sketchguy!

Moneygrip Opening Night
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Logic Moneygrip available at MPH.

MyPlasticHeart's site has been updated for the moneygrips from the show. You can check it out and if you're interested you can buy it! check it out here:


Oh yeah, forgot to show you this.

Oh, so here's a pic of the Moneygrip I painted for the GET A GRIP! show. This should be available on their website soon. myplasticheart.com

Thanks to Victoria L for the pic. (more pics later)

Can I take your pic, baby?

Looks like pics from the GET A GRIP! show are up. Check out myplasticheartnyc.com 

The shots were great, thanks to Vincent of MyPlasticHeart. I look awful though...


Thanks Everyone!

The show was fun. I just want to say thanks to everyone who came and checked out my work. It was a close call but I made it and I was very happy to hear that a lot of people liked it. Special thanks go out to MYPLASTICHEART for inviting me to this show. 


FINALLY! FIXED! I pretty much crammed 2 weeks of work in to 12 hours. I just have to drop it off with the guys at myplasticheart. TIRED!



Well, I just plain FUCKED UP. I pretty much had my moneygrip PERFECT and it LOOKED GREAT. I proceeded to continue as planned, to coat it with clear orange and it completely turned out 100% wrong. The colors were all wrong- silver turned into gold, not orange and dark grey turned into chocolate brown. I initially thought, fuck it and decided to bring it in, but when I took it out of the box at the office I couldn't get over how bad it looked to me. I decided to take it home and deliver it on the day of the show, TOMORROW MORNING, and fix it ASAP. I tried to sand off the clear orange in hopes of having the original silver and grey. I knew there were risks and I would have to touch up some of the flaws but sanding was not working. FUCK IT. FUCK IT. FUCK IT. I emptied a gallon of acetone and dunked the moneygrip in it to take the paint off. Yeah, I basically flushed two weeks of layout and work down the toilet in five minutes.

I'm repainting it right now. ZERO HOUR.


5AM, Mixing Paint and Loosing my Grip.

Ok, so I missed my personal deadline to get the MONEYGRIP finished by Jan 20th. It's the 23rd and the show is on the 25th. I need to put on a clear coat (mixing it right now) and I should be done, but I am TIRED. I still have to go to work tomorrow, no TODAY! I should be finished in time for the show. I wish I had more time, but I came into the game late so this is the price I pay.


TAG! You're IT!

Well I picked up my Tag Team 8-Inch Dunny (black ver.) today at Kidrobot. I went to check them out last night after work but the crowd was absolutely insane. I caught a glimpse of the "Father of the Dunny", Tristan Eaton. He was signing autographs and having his picture taken. 

The Dunny is pretty neat. It comes with a gas mask and spray paint pole. It also comes with a matching 3-inch Fatcap! Now, I don't care much for Fatcaps, but considering the nature of this dunny's design, I thought it was an appropriate companion.


Search your feelings...

Sure, this vinyl toy is playing on my memories of Darth Vader, accusing me of being part of a rebel alliance and I need to be taken away, but it's DAMMED COOL!  This is similar to the smaller Darth Vader Vinyl Collection Dolls (VCD) released earlier by Medicom, but it is nearly DOUBLE the original's size at 16 inches! It's $199.99, but it's so worth getting seduced by the dark side.


I need some Air.

I don't need to say anything.

Jess gotta phone home.

Today I met Mr. Shane Jessup at work. When I encountered him, I thought he looked familiar, but I couldn't place him. I asked him his name and he said, "Shane Jessup." At that moment, I said "Hi! How have you been?" as if he and I knew each other. We, of course, did not. I was a little embarrassed but I don't think he noticed my momentary lapse.

I kept it cool and didn't talk about Kidrobot or toys. Too bad. :/


Chasing Unicorns

I'm something of a GUNDAM fanatic. No, I AM a TOTAL GUNDAM FANATIC. I am thrilled that a new serial novel has been released and it will return to the Universal Century timeline. I just bought the Master Grade model kit of the main character's mobile suit, the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam. It's amazing! It can be posed in both the "unicorn" OR "destroy" mode! I flipped through the instruction manual and I can only imagine the sleepless nights the designers went through to get this thing transforming for us fanatics. 


I heard that a sequel to "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" was coming soon, but I never read anything about it or saw any images. Today I saw the trailer and....


Harold and Kumar 2: Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Boys and their toys.

Boy Toy Dolls- from the creator of the Real Doll, this is the designer-vinyl equivalent of the high-end, sex doll industry. Not because it's made with vinyl or anything silly like that- in fact, its made with super high-grade and expensive silicone. Rather, because it's made in limited numbers and being sold as an "art piece." MOST INTERESTING, INDEED! So can someone lend me like $7000? What? it's an ART PIECE. It says so on their site!

Btw... Miss December is my favourite so far.

(You might not want to look at these links at work...)


Get a GRIP!

Well, it's official! I will be customizing a toy called a MONEYGRIP, designed by kaNO for MYPLASTICHEART's designer toy show, GET A GRIP! I was a bit of a late entry, but I'll be there anyway! Check it out on Jan 25th, 2008! (show runs until Feb 20th)



Doesn't this cat look like it came straight out of Anime and Manga?!

Char's Hoodie

I'd love to buy this hoodie, but I think it's a tad TOO RED for my taste, though you have to admit, it's quite striking. But then again, that kid from E.T. had a red hoodie- sure, it was the 1980s and he was a little kid, but still!

Char Zip-Up Parka Red L

Girly Bike

Another of Yasuhiro Uchishima's awesome sculptures. It's a fantastic looking "futuristic bike" that was shown in its unfinished state for 2007's Wonderfest in Japan. I hope this gets put out as a resin kit, because I would buy five and paint them all awesome colors.


Realistic ATOM

This was a realistic sculpt of TETSUWAN ATOM from artist and sculptor, Yasuhiro Uchishima. I really liked the seam lines of the android/robot boy. I was quite taken by his take of Atom's rocket boots. I always wondered how his feet disappeared and turned into rockets. His approach to the boots really made sense to me. I might sculpt a version of this myself.