New Year and a few things.

hi all,

sorry for not posting in a while. i have a few too many things going on at the same time.

i was going to have a new site but within a day or two of acquiring a server, it was hacked badly. rather than waste time, i decided to finish my site first before i dump the data onto a server. so for now, i still have my blog. many apologies.

munnyworld was a smash hit! my custom raffy and friends sold during the first day within five minutes of opening. guess who bought it??? PAUL BUDNITZ, founder of KIDROBOT! THANK YOU SO MUCH PAUL! :)

speaking of munnyworld, here's a clip of my crash interview with KR on youtube!

i have two custom shows coming up but i have not posted any official information in regard to them as a lot of information still up in the air. so until i get the green light to post more info about them, you'll just have to wait. i will say that one is here in NYC the other is in the UK!

i picked up a lot of KR's GLOOMY BEAR zipper pulls. they are awesome! the quality is great. i was very surprised by this but i am very happy with them. DO PICK UP SOME!

that's about it for now... working on a few customs. you'll see them soon! hope there's more great stuff from me in 2010!

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