Staring at the stars.

I picked up these two from 123Klan recently. They're AWESOME. I love the design. I don't know why but they have a Daft Punk vibe, even though they don't look anything like the pair. I like Fellastar (Orange) more but I really dig the eyes of Megastar (Pink/Purple). I actually got a little confused and thought the Megastar from Artoyz was different and bought one from them but apparently it's the same as the one from 123Klan's store. Various posts and blogs on the internet made it seem like it's different. Ah well. This is what I get for jumping the gun. GUESS one's gonna get customized. AW YEAAAHHHHH...

Oh yeah. If you buy them directly from 123Klan, you get some awesome stickers and the boxes are signed by Scien and Klor!

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